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The English Premier league includes 18 teams which the top 4 will qualify to the champions league the next season, the following 2 will qualify for the Europa League and the 7th place will join the new European campaign that will start this season 21\21 the conference league.

if you’re looking for making the next season more exciting by adding betting on the champion of this season or the top goalscorer this is the page for you!

How to choose the best betting site to bet on Premier League?

So how do you get started with your Premier League betting experience? The first and most important step is to choose the best sports betting sites for your betting experience. There is an incredible number of options out there, so have a look around, read user reviews and always use an established and reputable sports bookmaker to place your Premier League bets.

But how do you know which are the best? Well, in terms of the Premier League, look for the sites that offer the biggest variety of markets and the most competitive odds on the Premier League. Then check to see if the site offers any specific promotions and specials related to this league, or even related to your favourite Premier League team, such as Manchester United or Liverpool.

Other things to look out for include sign-up offers that can be particularly related to the Premier League, and then special features such as bet builders, live in-play betting specials and even live to stream of Premier League games. Look for the best all-around experience, and remember to compare odds as a site that is great for one thing will not always be the best for another.

 Premier League Betting Markets

Match Result
Probably the most popular type of Premier League or football bet, the match result market, also known as the three-way market or by other names, simply means that you bet on a team to win, or else the match to end in a draw. That is why there are three outcomes possible. This market is also known as 1X2, with ‘1’ being a home win, ‘X’ representing a draw and ‘2’ representing a win for the away team.

 Over/Under Goals Markets
This is another of the most popular types of football bets, including when betting on the Premier League. Select whether you believe there will be over or under a certain number of total goals in the matches, with the market starting with 0.5 and going all the way up to even 7.5 or more. So, for example, select the outcome ‘over’ or ‘under’ on there is 0.5 goals. That means if you select under, you win if the match ends 0-0, but lose if a goal is scored. The ‘mean’ value is usually 2.5 goals, so here you would win if you select ‘under 2.5 goals’ and the match ends 1-1 or in a 2-0 win for either side.

Player to score anytime
Back a particular player to score in a Premier League match. Variations on this theme include backing a player as ‘first goalscorer’ or ‘last goalscorer’. You can also bet on a player to score more than a single goal, with options including the precise number of goals.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)
 This incredibly popular bet simply involves betting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether you think both teams will score in the Premier League match. The end result makes no difference to the outcome here, so you win if the score is 1-1 or 2-2, or even if one team wins 6-1.

Exact score
Bet on what you think will be the exact final result of the match. So if Manchester United are playing Chelsea at home and you think Manchester United will win, increase your potential return by selecting what you think will be the exact score. Often you can combine bets too (so for example adding a player to score one of the goals) with bet-builder functions to further increase the odds on your return.


Premier League Betting Specials

As well as the many regular bets offered up on the Premier League, the sports betting sites provide a tremendous number of special bets that fans can enjoy, including:

Teams to be relegated – Bet on which teams you think will be among the bottom three teams at the bottom of the season and therefore relegated to the Football Championship.

Teams to finish in the top four or top six – Aside from betting on the winner of the Premier League, back teams to finish inside the top four positions (and therefore securing Champions League football for the following season) or the top six (which is often enough to secure participation in the following season’s Europa League).

First manager/coach to be sacked – Every season includes plenty of Premier League managerial changes, with sometimes up to half of the teams replacing their top man mid-campaign. Bet on the manager/coach who you think will be sacked first or sacked next.

Player to change teams –  Every Premier League season comes with its intrigue of which player will move to which club, so jump on one of the huge number of special bets which offer the chance to back the next team of a particular player. It can even be the player’s existing club, meaning you are effectively betting on that player not to change club at all

Player to score a Premier League hattrick – How about betting on a particular player to score a Premier League hat-trick that season? Not many players achieve it, but there’s always a surprise along the way that can secure you an extremely impressive return.

Premier League Betting Outrights

Each season fans of the Premier League can enjoy betting on outright markets, which includes the two most popular bets of this type: top goalscorer and outright winner.

Top goalscorer The top goalscorer outright market give sports betting enthusiasts and Premier League fans the chance to back who they believe will be the top goalscorer in the competition come to the end of the 38-game season. The odds offered to evolve as the season progresses, although often the most favourable odds can be achieved at the beginning of the campaign. As well as the most popular options, including Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Jamie Vardy and Raheem Sterling or the old\new Chelsea striker Lukaku, bettors and fans can explore a wide variety of player options, including some surprise choices that could provide some potentially huge returns. Keep an eye out for injuries and form to help guide your selection, with lucrative odds to be found as the season unfolds.

Premier League Winner – The outright Premier League winner is the chance to bet on who you think will finish top of the Premier League table come to the end of the season. These odds continue to evolve as the season progresses, but it’s once again at the start of the season when some of the most favourable odds can be achieved. That said, it’s worth considering that some teams can make slow starts but then overhaul large points differences, which would secure huge returns. So whether it’s Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea you wish to back, or someone else entirely, get all your outright Premier League winner betting details right here!

How to bet on the Premier League, and the best betting strategy to take

Bettors who make actual winnings on the Premier League do so because they study form rather than letting odds dictate their decision. Many fans like to go for lucrative accumulator-style bets where they throw together bets of five or six options, or more, often backing shorts-odds favourites such as Manchester City and Liverpool to help them claim a bigger win from a smaller stake. This approach may pay off once in a while, but will generally see you lose more than you win.

Bettors who get success do so because they focus more on individual bets that stand out because there is a significant amount of value offered on the return. This often means going through the markets and offers, looking for the bet that stands out on an outcome that is statistically likely to occur. Of course, there is a risk here too, but it is about minimizing that risk in order to achieve a higher number of successful bets that add up to more profit. Betting on the Premier League doesn’t have to be complicated at all, but to be a winning strategy it needs to be based on more than a reaction to what the odds say.

Premier League betting FAQ’s

Does every betting site offer betting options on the Premier League?

Not only will nearly every sports betting site offer opportunities to bet on the Premier League, they will offer multiple markets to do so, sometimes numbering much more than one hundred different markets on a single game, not to mention the list of outright markets and special bets.

Can I open accounts with multiple bookmakers?

As long as you satisfy the Know Your Customer (KYC) conditions of the particular bookmaker, then there is no reason why you cannot open an account with multiple sports betting sites. In fact, if you want to secure the best odds on a particular outcome, then it is advised to do so because no one sports betting site will always have the best odds on every market.

Can I make in-play bets?

Nearly every major sports betting site will now offer you the opportunity to place bets in play, meaning you can bet on the sporting event of your choice while the event is actually happening. Keep track of the evolving odds and particular specials that many bookmakers offer related to this type of betting experience, and download sports betting sites’ dedicated apps for an even more responsive experience.

Do sports betting sites offer more than just the chance to place a bet?

These days, sports betting sites offer up any number of reasons to pay a visit to the site, including but, not necessarily limited to, the chance to watch live sporting events, take part in additional competitions and virtual games and events, avail of statistics and live score services, and so much more besides.

Is it safe to place bets with sports betting sites?

Overwhelmingly sports betting sites are safe places to deposit and win money. The sheer size of the sports betting market and the number of people who enjoy sports betting on a regular basis prove that a safe gaming experience can be had. Of course, the quality of sports betting sites can vary, as can the quality of the safety mechanisms that are in place, so always make sure you use an established, reputable operator, and perform your research before you open an account and deposit money. Also, make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions that are applied to that sports betting site.