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Follow the Spanish giants of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, as well as other major contenders for a Champions League place in the shape of Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal and more. There may be no more Messi at Barcelona, but there are still a host of superstars hoping to help their respective teams steal Atlético’s crown. Real Sociedad and Real Betis filled the Europa League spots for the 2021/22 season and will be among the contenders for a Champions League place this time around, but it’s hard to see anyone other than the ‘Big 3’ filling those top three positions. Sevilla looks good for fourth place once more.

La Liga teams 20-21

How to choose the best betting site to bet on La Liga?

So where to begin your La Liga betting experience? First up is choosing the best betting site for your La Liga needs, and here it will differ from bettor to bettor. What is non-negotiable is that you use an established and reputable sports bookmaker to place your La Liga bets.

But how do you know which sports betting site is best for you? Well, that depends on how you want to bet. What markets will you prefer? What sorts of special features will you rely upon? Sports betting sites offer so much that you really need to ensure the one (or more) that you select are tailored to your needs.

In terms of most people betting on La Liga, they look for the sites that offer the biggest variety of markets and the most competitive odds on this competition. But then check out special features such as bet builders and live in-play bet boosts which may help maximize your returns. Many sites also offer live streaming of La Liga games, so that may be a big plus for you too. Look for the best all-around experience, and remember to compare odds – a site that is great for one thing will not always be the best for another.

La Liga Betting Markets

Match Result When betting on La Liga – or any other league for that matter – many bettors love the classic match result market, also know as the 1X2, with ‘1’ being a home win, ‘X’ representing a draw and ‘2’ representing a win for the away team. With only three outcomes, this is a simple-yet-classic style of football bet.

 Over/Under Goals MarketsThis is a classic goal-style bet that punters take up on football matches. Simply back ‘over’ or ‘under’ on total goal possibilities, with options offered up as half goal options so there must be an outcome. So, for example, bet on whether you think there will be over or under 2.5 goals in total during the match. Other varieties include total first half and second half goals.

Goalscorer markets any bookmaker worth its salt with offer up a variety of goalscorer markets, including first goalscorer, last goalscorer and anytime goalscorer. You will then very often be able to find options to bet on a player scoring more than once in any given game.

Asian HandicapSomething that has grown in popularity across the board in recent times is the Asian Handicap market. Now nearly every big bookmaker will offer you the chance to place these style of bets on La Liga matches.

PenaltiesThink there will be a penalty in the match? Bet on it. Think one team will score a penalty in the match? Bet on it. Think a team will miss a penalty in the match? Bet on it. This style of bet offers slightly longer odds than many of the popular outcome bets, so is a favorite with many La Liga bettors.

La Liga Betting Specials

As well as the many regular bets offered up on La Liga, dig deeper to find interesting and profitable special bets on the Spanish league. Options may include:

Transfer bets As well as what happens on the pitch, fans love the circus of the transfer market. Will Real Madrid sign Kylian Mbappe, for example? Some sites offer you the chance to bet on this happening, or not!

Head to head table Think Sevilla will finish above Barcelona this year? Some bookmakers will give you the chance to bet on one team finishing higher than another in the final league table, irrespective of other teams.

First manager/coach to be sacked La Liga is a high-pressure competition, and many coaches pay the price for a poor run of form for their teams. Who do you think will be the first La Liga coach relieved of their position? This is just another style of bet that some sports betting sites will offer up.

Draw no bet Remove one of the three conventional match result outcomes with a special style bet that most bookakers will now offer you. Take the ‘draw no bet’ option to remove the draw from the outcome, meaning that if the match does indeed end in a draw, you simply get your stake returned. The only negative to this style of bet is that the odds offered on either team winning are therefore reduced from the classic 1×2 option. But this is a great and safe way to bet on La Liga games.

Bet builders A recent development in the sports betting world ion recent years has been the availability of ‘bet builders’ on individual games. These allow you to stack multiple outcomes on top of each other to stretch the odds. Basically, these are accumulators that you can build on a single game, and have proven to be immensely popular with La Liga bettors.

La Liga Betting Outrights

Why not check out the La Liga outright markets where you can bet on the league winner and the top goalscorer at the end of the season?

Top goalscorer Aside from who will actually win La Liga, one of the biggest talking points on fans’ and bettors’ lips is who will finish as the ‘Pichichi’ – that is, the top goalscorer in the League. For the first time in over a decade there will be no Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to back, so this market in La Liga now appears wide open. Check out the odds that every sports betting site will offer, and back your player at the longest possible price.  

La Liga Winner Who will win La Liga this year?

With no Lionel Messi and the two giants of Spanish football – Barcelona and Real Madrid – suffering from financial issues, La Liga appears to be more wide oven than ever. Does that mean Atlético will defend their crown? Or can there be a surprise and someone like Sevilla claim their first La Liga winners trophy in more than seventy years. Jump on this classic football market and bet wisely.

Atletico Madrid champions 20-21

How to bet on the La Liga, and the best betting strategy to take

So what’s the best strategy to take up when betting on La Liga? The fact is, there are many types of betting strategies and the best one for each person may vary. For example, do you prefer a high- or low-risk approach? What sort of stakes are you going to place? There are many things to consider.

One tried-and-tested approach is to keep stakes small and therefore limit losses. Safe and responsible gambling is an important consideration and never bet more than you can afford. If you keep stakes small and go for safer bets (in which the outcome is more likely), then you may not end up a quick millionaire, but you can steadily grow your bank and then place slightly larger stakes on your bets as your pot grows. Look for value in the market, and open accounts with more than one bookmaker so you can take up the more favourable odds on your La Liga betting market – one site will not always offer the best odds every time.

LA Liga betting FAQ’s

Is La Liga a good competition to bet on ?

Yes. La Liga is one of the biggest sports competitions in the world and offers up a huge variety of markets to bet on.

How can I open a bookmaker account?

Visit the bookmaker of your choice and follow the simple steps to sign up and place a bet. Please note proof of identity will always be needed.

Can I watch La Liga matches on a sports betting site?

Yes. Not all bookmakers will offer you the chance to watch La Liga matches, but an increasing amount provides this option.

What else can I do with a sports betting account?

Watch live matches, enter competitions, connect with a like-minded community, avail of statistics and live-score services and even play fantasy league. There are so many possibilities.

Are sports betting sites safe?

Yes. However, always use an established, reputable operator, and read our reviews before you open an account and deposit money.